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Men at work2 of our roofers at work in Harrow

Renewing the roofs on older properties have long been the main specialty of our roofing company. Visit our ‘Reroofing’ page for more information.

Repair & Maintenance

We offer a full range of repairs and maintenance services. When a fault is noticed, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible. Our expert roofers can carry out the repairs on your roof before the problem gets worse. Having your roof repaired early can stop further damage and postpone a full roof replacement.

Gutters and FasciasNew Gutters and Fascias

Fascia & Soffit Boards

Our quality UPVC replacement fascia and soffit boards are durable and will require minimal maintenance.


Having skylights fitted into the roofs of your building or home is an eco-friendly way to bring more light into a room. We ensure that all skylights are fitted to the highest standard.

Flat Roofs

We fit quality flat roofs for your home. All our roofs are highly durable and are fitted using either lead, fiberglass or a single-ply roofing system. We ensure that all our roofs are fitted to the highest standard by a fully qualified roofer.

Conservation SkylightsNew Conservation Skylights

Solar Power

Of the many styles of solar panel available, we recommend using a fully integrated PV solution where roof tiles are replaced with Photo Voltaic tiles which blend in with the roof tiling.

Why renew your roof?

Redland Cambrian SlatesRedland Cambrian Slates

If you roof is worn out, the rest of your home is at risk. Quite often slates can appear to be in good condition but the nails which secure them to the batten can suffer nail fatigue, this becomes evident when slates begin to slip and cause leaks. Tiles and slates that are worn out can delaminate and disintegrate. Metal flashings can split and wear. Roofs of a certain age will not have under-felt as a secondary line of defence. Ridge tiles can become loose. All or any of these factors can mean that a roof needs to be renewed.

Re-roofing – the best solution

If your roof is suffering from any of these problems, don’t worry! We’re just a phone call away. We are NFRC members who prove our standing as an accredited member of an organization dedicated to ensuring that it’s members can be set apart from those elements in the roofing industry which bring it into disrepute. Membership of the NFRC is seen to be an assurance of technical competence, reliability and fair dealing.

Metropolitan Chalet in Pinner
New roof on a Metropolitan Chalet
In Pinner

As members of the Competent Roofer scheme, we arrange the necessary Building Notice, which is requisite for all re-roofing projects, saving both time and money. For more details, visit the website.

To view, a gallery of a reroofing project click here and click on the images to view in more detail.

Call us for a free written quotation.

We will arrange a visit, measure and inspect the roof and calculate our best quotation, which we do use our CAD

Cad DrawingCAD drawings help us quote accurately

(computer aided design) package. If the price and terms are agreed, we’ll arrange a mutually agreeable start date and organize everything from the Local Authority compliance, scaffold and rubbish removal to the Government recommended Trustmark insurance backed guarantee.

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