How To Enter An Event

  1. Read the Supplementary Regulations for the event. These can be found under the Regulations and Documents tab in the Top Menu on this website. ( Event Regulations in the drop down menu)
  2. Decide what class your car will fit into by reading the Series Standing Regulations (under Regulations and Documents). If unsure get advice from our team. Look under Contacts in the Top Menu.
  3. Fill in the Entry Form for the event. This is also under Event Regulations.
  4. Send the entry form to the club running the event. The SSES does not run events. You may also be asked to email your entry to the SSES.
  5. Book an appointment to have your car scrutineered during week leading up to the event.The scrutineers’ details are listed in the Supplementary Regulations. If you are a registered competitor and your Targeted Scrutiny is current then your car does not need to be inspected before the event
  6. At the event you will need to “sign on”: present your CAMS licence, Club Membership card and proof of car scrutiny to the secretary of the event.
  7. Attend the Driver’s Briefing. You may be required to sign an “Attendance at Briefing” sheet.
  8. Enjoy yourself on the track.