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The Speed Event Series prides itself on being one of the most cost effective and accessible Series in WA. We place a strong focus on regulations to assist those with standard road registered vehicles, allowing almost anybody the opportunity to test their ability on one of the fantastic tracks visited throughout the season.

This guide is designed to demystify the requirements surrounding getting involved for persons who have no experience in motorsport or competition. The series caters for vehicles and competitors from a full spectrum of motorsport all the way from road cars to purpose built single seater race cars , log booked targa rally and closed circuit cars. Please feel free to contact us with details of your experience and vehicle and every effort will be made to accommodate.

The below is provided as a guide only, it is very important you read all the information provided to ensure you comply with all requirements as variations between classes and events may occur.

What Do I Need?

•Vehicle Complying with all Safety Requirements – Tyre Tread, Brake Condition, etc.


•Approved Footwear & Clothing

•Fire Extinguisher

•Car Club Membership

•CAMS L2S Competition Licence


•Series Registration


Series Registration

You do not need to be a registered competitor with the series to participate in events, however as such you will not be awarded series points and be ineligible for end of year trophies based on your achievements. Registered competitors receive many benefits throughout the season and as such it is highly recommended you consider joining the series if you enjoy your experience at the track.

Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles are inspected by appointment at one of several approved locations around the Metropolitan Area approximately 1 Week prior to the event. This is primarily a safety check however equipment such as helmet and licence will be inspected at the same time. A copy of the scrutineering check sheet is available in the Documents section, using this you can ensure all items for inspection are attended to prior to your appointment.

Registered competitors can take advantage of the Targeted Scrutiny system that allows vehicles to only need scrutiny every  6 months. Random checks are made at each event unsure that cars are maintained in a safe condition between the 6 monthly inspections.


The Series operates under the CAMS Regulations for, Speed Events – Multi Club. Detailed information regarding all these regulations is available in the CAMS Manual of Motorsport. You can view this by following the link provided, or by visiting and following the links to the manual.

The schedule for helmets is located in General Requirements – Schedule D Apparel. At the time of publishing, requirements for these events is a Class B type helmet. The most common is an Australian Standard Motorbike Helmet readily available through any motorbike store and reasonably inexpensive.

Approved Footwear & Clothing

Located within the same document mentioned above CAMS Manual of Motorsport General Requirements – Schedule D Apparel are the requirements for clothing at Speed Events.

At the time of publishing, clothing must cover from ankles to wrists i.e long pants & long sleeve shirt. It is preferred the clothing be cotton however any material excluding nylon is acceptable. Footwear must be leather upper and be enclosed.

Although not a requirement it is highly recommended to invest in a pair of race boots and gloves. Both these items considerably supplement your interaction with the vehicle and greatly assist with advanced driving techniques while improving your safety. Boots allow far easier heel toe shifting and gloves maximise your grip on the wheel and subsequent feel of the track surface. An investment in these items alone can greatly improve your performance.

Fire Extinguisher

A Fire Extinguisher must be fitted to the vehicle in a location which is easily accessible by the driver in an emergency. It is common to see existing mounting bolt locations in the vehicle used to secure a bracket, which in turn provides a location to mount the extinguisher. Locations such as the passenger seat mounting bolts allow the extinguisher to be removed after an event if required.

The type and size of extinguisher is described in the CAMS Manual of Motorsport General Requirements – Schedule H. At the time of publishing a small 0.9kg extinguisher was required which are available at many reputable auto parts stores and generally includes a vehicle mounting bracket.

Car Club Membership

In order to apply for a CAMS Competition Licence you must be a member of a recognised car club. A list of these car clubs is available on the CAMS website Club Finder, simply select WA to view the list.

You may wish to consider closely your choice of car club as many clubs operate both social and competition events throughout the year, these may be specific to your vehicle, interests or aspirations in Motorsport and may influence your choice of membership.

Those who do not wish to attend such events may find a limited membership offered by several car clubs more suitable. This type of membership provides you with access to the club however does not provide access to car club events, as a result these memberships are offered at reduced annual fees. If you would like advise on which car club may best suit you, please feel free to contact us.

CAMS Competition Licence – L2S

Once you have your car club membership one of the final steps is to apply for your CAMS Competition Licence. All Speed Event Series events require a minimum Level 2 speed Licence to participate.

To obtain your licence, visit and navigate to Licence Forms. Download a copy of the L2S Application Form, complete & return to CAMS, address provided at the base of the document.



We are here to help! We pride ourselves on defining Speed Event Series events with a social atmosphere & teamwork. This has been integral to our success for many years. The fantastic series support team is available during events and outside of track time to assist where possible with your queries, ensuring maximum enjoyment from your Motorsport experience.

Please feel free to contact the team with any concerns or questions. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!