Albany Windfarm Hillclimb


This open fast stretch of road travels to the Albany Windfarm located south of the city centre.

The course has been extended since 2014 and the start is now closer to the Prison.  Much of this course can be done with generous throttle application with the road surface being in excellent condition and the roads wide enough to instill confidence to achieve competitive times.

How to Get There?

From York Street, Albany, aim for the water (that would be down hill).
At the T intersection, turn right and head along the waterfront past the Amity.
2.4kms from town, turn left (via the turning lane) into Frenchman Bay Rd.
If coming from Le Grande, loop the ‘big roundabout’ (clockwise) and good luck exiting onto Hanrahan Rd (4th exit around). If you make it, keep going down the hill and turn right into Frenchman Bay Rd.
Cross the railway line & zero your trip meter…
3.4km from the rail crossing, turn right into Princess Ave (follow wind farm sign).
Turn left into Sand Patch Road.