About Us

About Us

The Speed Event Series was established in 1998 and is maintained by a group of dedicated motorsport enthusiasts and officials. It is a not-for-profit Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) certified group which leads the way in grass roots motorsport for Western Australia.

The series has long been closely tied with CAMS which is the premier motorsport authority in Australia and responsible for events such as the V8 Supercars and the Australian F1 Grand Prix. This association has allowed the series to rise above its peers and has grown dramatically, expanding to cover the south west and metropolitan areas of WA.

Visiting many venues throughout the season, competitors are given a unique opportunity to participate in various styles of motorsport on tracks ranging from high profile circuits to targa style temporary venues.

Events are organised and hosted by local car clubs with support from the series through registered competitors patronising the event.

The Speed Event Series organising committee, headed by Michael Grogan, carries out the role of providing an additional layer of competition to these events through the awarding of trophies as well as points.

A vehicle class system has been carefully constructed and is maintained by the organising commitee for competitors who wish to challenge themselves throughout the season. Two categories of competition run at each event, outright is overall times regardless of vehicle or class and class is a challenge between drivers with vehicles of similar configuration and specification.

Points are awarded to competitors in both categories and during the duration of the season are tallied. An end of season awards ceremony is held generally early the following year where season trophies are awarded.

It has long been the focus of the series to be inclusive and accessible especially to young adults who wish to get involved with motorsport. Through the support of the series many competitors have found success in circuit racing, Targa Rally, off road rally, drift competitions and more. We care about our competitors and try to ensure all our events provide maximum enjoyment at a minimal cost.