CAMS Club Challenge 2017

Winners Are Grinners

Regular SSES competitors Andrew Morrison, Matt Turner, Mark Tamblyn and Grant Meldrum were the overall winners of the WA round of the CAMS Club Challenge at Jack’s Hill.

Team Results


1)      Team SSES (WA Sporting Car Club) 103.26%  (Congratulations to: Matt Turner – Ford Focus ST, Mark Tamblyn – Ford Falcon AU XR8, Andrew Morrison – 1984 BMW 323i, Grant Meldrum – Mercedes Benz AMG C63)

2)      WRX Club of WA 103.92% (Congratulations to: Jamie Lister – Subaru WRX, Mat Softley – WRX STI Spec C, Matt O’Neil – WRX STI Spec C, Steve Pummer – WRX STI)

3)      Lots of Trouble (Lotus Club of Australia) 104.21% (Congratulations to: Andrew Graham – Lotus Elise S2, Preston John Adams – Westfield, Richard Cooper – Lotus Elise S2, Steve Metlitzky – Lotus Elise S2)

4)      Collie Motorsports Group 105.42%

5)      Team Toyota (TECCWA) 105.87%

6)      Usually Serious (Lotus Club of Australia) 107.34%

7)      WA 86 & BRZ Club 107.76%

8)      Team Rallye Sport (Ford Rallye Club) 108.68%

9)      Infinite Time Attack (Competition Driver’s Club of WA) 109.71%

10)   MG Car Club of WA 120.13%


Times can be found here

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