Round 9 and Other Information


Round 9 Jack’s Hill

The Supp Regs and entry form are now available under Event Regulations in the top menu.

If there are 2 drivers for a car please submit a separate entry form for each driver.

The new system of coloured dots for proof of scrutiny will be used at this event. You must show your Scrutiny Card or Scrutiny Form tear off to the secretary at the event. You will be given a dot to be placed on the RHS of the windscreen or body if there is no windscreen. No dot, no start. I have obtained water resistant dots for wet events.

Meelup Hill Climb

This event will not be held this year. The City of Busselton have not given permission for us to run it. This is very disappointing as a lot of work has gone into trying to revive this excellent venue.

Approval has been denied on environmental grounds by the Meelup Regional Park Committee. We are surprised by this as the event ran for 11 years without a problem.

Our next avenue is to appeal to the full council. Michael Grogan will present our case to them and we hope that reason will prevail and we can hold the event next year.

We hope to reinstate Round 12 at Jack’s Hill if the WASSCC are willing.

Eligibility Scrutineer 

Ivan Tan will be the eligibility scrutineer for next year. If there is any doubt about the eligibility of a car to run in a certain class he will inspect the car and then decide which class is appropriate.

2018 Registrations

CAMS have created an online portal so that registrations for the series next year can be done via their website. Further information about this will be posted when registrations for 2018 open.


CAMS are fighting a Federal Government ruling to ban the use of avgas in motorsport. Mike Rowe has alerted me to a petition about this.

Here is the email he sent to me:

Hi guys, can you send this info out to all the Speed Event Series people to seek their help in signing this petition?  The removal of Avgas will be a disaster for the race car movement in Australia.  The more signatures on the petition the more likely they are to take notice.  Support from the race community is essential and I have detailed how easy it is for people to sign the petition electronically below.


Please go on this link and sign the petition to maintain Avgas for historic race vehicles.  They are going to eliminate it in 2018 which will be the end of historic race cars , veteran aircraft and race boats!  This is madness.  I have made it easy to get directly to the petition (click below).  It takes a few seconds to come up, so just wait until the petition appears, then complete your details and push the sign button at the bottom.  It will then ask you after that to prove you are not a robot.  Then it will send an email to you, which you need to click on the link that you wish to proceed.  It is easy, just needs a few seconds patience.


thanks & regards

Mike Rowe



The Australian Government intends to phase out lead in racing fuels from 1 July 2017. With the use of leaded fuel (Avgas) being prohibited from 1 July 2019.

This will impact Classic and Historic motor enthusiasts.

Not only will this affect Historic Racing and Sports Cars, as seen at Sandown. Winton and Philip Island Historic race meetings. Comparable events are conducted in each Australian State and Territory.

Every classic and historic motor enthusiast is encouraged to sign the ePetition to extend the approval that was granted to a number of ‘regulated persons’ in 2002, to use a leaded petrol for a particular event, or in preparation for such an event and other authorized uses.

Many factory-released high compression models require octane ratings higher than current unleaded fuels and the protection of tetraethyl lead (TEL) for internal engine components. These vehicles are, in the main, considered as “specialist interest groups” and “hobby vehicles” and they fall into the limited use category, and account for a very small portion of total nationwide petrol usage. A very small segment of the national motor fleet, albeit a very important part as witnessed by the ever increasing public attendance at Classic and Historic Motor Sport meetings and Parades, and other road-based events.

Many of the vehicles found in this category traditionally participate in events such as the ‘Bay-to-Birdwood’, ‘Classic Adelaide’ or similar. Comparable events are conducted in each Australian State and Territory.

Although a very small segment of the national motor fleet is in the affected category, its importance cannot be doubted.

If leaded fuel is not to be available, these cars will disappear from our roads and competition events. Apart from depriving members of the public the pleasure of seeing these vehicles in use, younger Australians and tourists will have no idea of this country’s rich and pioneering motoring heritage going back to the very beginnings of the industry around the turn of the twentieth century. The resultant loss of an industry heavily involved in the restoration and maintenance of old vehicles will decline. Skills still available in this country in parts manufacture, machining, wood and metal working, trimming and spray painting will be lost. How can all this be allowed to happen? The numbers of people involved in these crafts and the numbers of those who own vehicles requiring their expertise throughout Australia are large. The problems which will result from phasing-out leaded fuel will extend well beyond the motor and water sports competition sector.

There is a continuing and demonstrated need for leaded fuel to be supplied to users of some, but not all, veteran, vintage, post vintage and classic vehicles and certain types of racing vehicles.


Competitor Profile

Name:  Eddie Melle

Born:  1968

Lives:  Quinns Rock

Marital Status: Partner  1 child

Hobbies: Bolwells and travel

First Car: VW Golf

Current Comp Car: 1970 Bolwell MK 7

First Job: Apprentice Fitter Machinist

Current Job: Fitter Machinist KKM Tooling

Racing Hero: Ayrton Senna

Favourite Track: Jacks Hill

Best  or memorable Result: Hillclimb at Boyd Road

Motorsport History: Raced Enduro Motorbikes

How did you get involved with the SSES: Entered  Mt Clarence hill climb in a Subaru WRX


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