Round 8…..Wet Wet Wet





The wet weather for Round 8 was responsible for some upsets in the results. Usually the front runners are the open wheelers and Westfields but this time Simon Richards was the overall winner in his Nissan Skyline GTR. Four wheel drive being a great advantage on a wet track. Once again Stephen Dougherty’s performance was exceptional in his Altezza engined BMW 2002 being 2nd outright, although he had some luck in getting a dryish final run. Brent Matthews upheld the open car honour with third out right.

We are trying to persuade Simon to register next year although there are some who would prefer he doesn’t because he is so quick.

As usual with a wet track there were a number of incidents.During practice Graeme Adamson clouted the wall in his Escort Mk1. This was the same place where three cars went off and hit the wall at the last round in 2015. Newcomer to the series Jeremy Hale went off here as well but managed not to damage his ex John Hurney TVR 3000M. Jeremy did not do any timed runs after that, we hope he hasn’t been put off and will bring the TVR back for another go.  Later in the event there was a more serious incident when Malcolm Bowden rolled his Mini going into the second last corner. I think this is now called “Melle”.It was “Kolb”. Thankfully Malcolm was not injured.

Results for Round 8 have been posted under Results in the top menu.

The points have been updated. Brent Matthews is still leading. Marcel Every is second and Graham Renn third.


Graeme will need a rear quarter panel for his Escort so I anyone has one please let me know.



Malcolm’s Mini on it’s side. Malcolm was sitting on the wall out of shot.

While Vicki Rowe was splashing around the track in her Lotus people were reading about her love of cars in The West Australian weekend motoring section



Once again I did some rally driving on my first run as the first video shows. The second shows where Malcolm came to grief.



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