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Date Changes

Due to difficulties with organising the Meelup Hill Climb for the September date we have changed it to a date in November.
The new dates are:
Round 9      Saturday 16 September    Hill Climb    Jack’s Hill
Round 12      Sunday    5 November      Hill Climb    Meelup
We had hoped to do a straight swap with Rounds 9 and 12 but Jack’s Hill is not available on 24 September which is the date that Meelup was scheduled for.

CAMS Club Challenge 

The Supp. Regs imply that a club may only enter 1 team. I have clarified this with Lauren Cornes and a club may enter a maximum of 2 teams.

Teams can have cars that are from different classes.


To help with anyone who wants to form a team to compete in the CAMS Club Challenge at Jack’ Hill I will post the name and club of people who would like to compete on our website.
This will enable communication between prospective team members.
Just send me your name, club and preferred contact details and I will add them to the list.
To start off Matt Turner would like to get a team together to represent the WASCC. His contact is
I will be entering a team for the Ford Rally Sport Club with Mark Hallam, Ian Familo, Graham Renn and myself . Graeme Adamson was to be the 5th member but after his excursion on Saturday this looks unlikely.
Details about the event can be found here:
If you are entering make sure you click on the drop down menu on the online entry as marked below. This will bring up the WA event.


Competitors are reminded that they must show proof that their car has been scrutineered for each event. No proof and you will not be allowed to compete.
When you show your CAMS Licence and Club Membership to the secretary of the event you will also need to show either a Scrutiny Record Book that is current if the car is registered for the series or the tear off from a non-registered scrutiny form.
At future events when you show this proof you will be given a coloured sticker that is to be stuck onto the top right hand side of the car’s windscreen or somewhere on the RHS if the car does not have a windscreen. This sticker will be waterproof and will allow the grid officials to write on the sticker a representative time and the number of runs completed.

Class Eligibility

As has previously been stated Class Eligibility will be tightened up for next year. There will be some minor changes to the classes to allow for cars that fall between the Production and Outright classes. These which be published on the website before the end of the year.
In the past a policy of leeway has been taken in regard to the Production classes but due to some cars “pushing the envelope” the rules will be enforced to ensure fairplay. This will be achieved by introducing an Eligibility Scrutineer who will be a “ Judge of Fact” in relation to compliance with class rules.
If there is any doubt about compliance the car will need to be taken to the Eligibility Scrutineer before an event and he will decide which class the car will be allowed to compete in.
Cars in the Production classes will have to be road licensed. This licence has to be unrestricted i.e. no “Class B” or Dedicated Rally Car licences will be accepted.
As stated in the Standing Regulations for the series all cars in a Production class (i.e. Classes 4 and 5) must comply with the ADRs. For instance all road licensed cars from 1986 onwards must have an operational catalytic convertor fitted in the exhaust system. Also a mechanical( or electro-mechanical ) operational handbrake must be fitted.


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