Changes For 2018

Registrations and entries for WASCC events will be totally online next year.


Registrations will be made directly to CAMS using their online system and the registration fee will be by direct debit to the CAMS SSES trust fund. Only CAMS can withdraw money from this account so that the SSES organisers are at “arms length”.


Entries for Barbagallo and Jack’s Hill will need to be made via the CAMS Online Entry Portal. This will also apply to other events if the clubs agree.

So don’t panic. The system is easy to use and will make entering much easier. A few clicks with a mouse and your entry will be processed and an email will be sent to confirm your entry.

This will eliminate the tedious job of filling in an entry form for each event with the same information each time and you will not have to worry about whether or not your entry has been received by the club. If you are not computer literate, there must be a 6 year old who can do it for you.

Joking aside, most people will have a family member or work colleague who will be able to assist. As a last resort I will be willing to help with the procedure.

Click on the link below to see how to use the online entry system.

CAMS Online Portal How-to 2017


Competitor Profile


Name:  Chris Bothams

Born:  1954

Lives:  Applecross

Marital Status:  Married,   1 Child

Hobbies:  Travel

First Car:  Mk2 Ford Zephyr

Current Competition Car:  1975 Datsun 260Z

First Job:  High School Teacher

Current Job:  Public Servant

Racing Hero:  Ross Dunkerton,  Danny Bignell

Favourite Track:  Barbagallo Long

Best  or most  memorable Result:  Just being out on the track and trying to beat Eddie Melle

Motorsport History:  State Level Rallying

How did you get involved with the SSES : A natural Progression




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