John Hurney Super Sprint Report


Sixty one competitors braved the coldest Perth day since July 12 last year to compete in Round 7 of the the SSES.

At the driver’s briefing John Hurney was presented with a 1960’s Lotus Formula One model in recognition of his commitment to the series since it’s inception.

Practice was on a damp track but had dried out considerably for the first timed run and by the second was nearly completely dry.

The heavy rain the previous day must have cleaned the track very well as there was plenty of grip available. This combined with the cold air probably contributed to many people posting their best times ever on the long track. This included myself but it wasn’t enough to win my class as Stephen Dougherty also had a PB. Congratulations Stephen on breaking the 64sec barrier.

There was a very close result in Class 5C with Grant Meldrum winning from Mark Tamblyn by 0.1252sec. Grant was so pleased he went to sleep with his trophy.

Long time regular competitor Andrew Morrison finally won his class in his BMW E30 3 Series. He claims this was because of a new race seat but I think he has secretly done some work on his engine. Was this why you were at the tuning day Andrew?

The event ran very smoothly and all runs were completed by 2pm thanks to the excellent work of the officials. Kerry Blakemore did an excellent job as CofC and the Vicky Wells A Team made sure the pit lane was well organised . Timing was in the capable hands of Trish Cross and Raymond Shaw and as usual Marilyn Cassidy performed the the secretarial duties magnificently.



1st   Graham Renn   Pashley Marengo

2nd  Simon Richards   Nissan Skyline GTR

3rd   Marcel Every      TRD Formula Toyota

Overall and Class results can be found under 2017 Results in the Top Menu, click on Barbagallo in the drop down menu.

For individual times go to Natsoft


Series Points

I have been told that there are some errors in the points. I thought I had fixed them so I am going to do an audit on all the points for this year and when that is completed they will be posted.

Meelup Hill Climb

Progress towards running this event continues. A track licence needs to be issued by CAMS in Melbourne. Andy Van Kann in his role as a track inspector has approved the course to be run with open and closed cars with three chicanes. Previously only two chicanes were required but this lead to the track licence for open cars to be cancelled. It is disappointing to have an extra chicane but for the event to be part of the SSES this is necessary. Andy will submit his report to CAMS and if a track licence is approved the event will proceed.


Competitor Profile



Name: Graeme Adamson

Born: 1957

Lives:  Kalgoorlie

Marital Status: Married, 3 Children

Hobbies: Restoring Cars, Metal Detecting

First Car: MK 2 Cortina GT

Current Comp Car: 1971 Ford Escort

First Job: Butchers Assistant

Current Job: Bulk Explosives Supervisor

Racing Hero: Alan Moffat

Favourite Track: Barbagallo Long Circuit

Best  or memorable Result: This year at the Windfarm

Motorsport History: Raced MK 1 Cortina V6 Sports Sedan at Barbagallo 1977

How did you get involved with SSES:  Through Mark Hallam

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