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IMG_1712.JPGCompetitor Profiles

We are going to feature profiles on regular competitors on the website.

Mark Hallam is going to provide the information. He will gather this at our events through the year.

To start off we have two articles about regular competitors, one from the top of the field and one a bit further down.


The first is from the latest CAMS Speed read about Marcel Every and the second has been provided by Chris Ainscough’s father Mark who is one of our sponsors.




                                                                                                                                                                              Marcel Every’s Formula Toyota



The fourth round of the CAMS State Speed Event Series at Jack’s Hill Climb track saw Marcel Every back up his win from the previous weekend’s competition.

Every’s fastest run in his 1990 TRD Formula Toyota was 50.01, a second faster than Brent Matthews in his 1992 Westfield who did it in 51.02. Ray Ferrari rounded out the Top 3, with a lap time of 53.02 in a 2005 Westfield.

The event attracted an entry list of 48 vehicles, with a variety of marques and eras represented on the 1.3km hill climb track.

Every said as a competitor the appeal of the series is its suitability for the majority of vehicles and motor sport experience levels.

“The SES is a great entry level racing platform that allows you to take it as serious as you want or just have fun racing your car,” Every said.

“I enjoy getting good results racing, but always have fun doing it.

“I started competing in the series in 2013 with an R33 Skyline and had a great time racing it. During my second year competing Ray Ferrari from Full Throttle told me about this TRD Formula Toyota unfinished project he had, needless to say I owned it the following week.

“It is easy to get involved in the series. The friendly people running it are happy to guide newcomers through the basic steps to get them out there racing.”

The upcoming fifth and sixth round of the CAMS State Speed Event Series will be held on the June long weekend in Albany, and is one of Every’s favourites.

“Both the Collie and Albany weekend rounds are my favourite. Collie for the race track, and Albany for the Windfarm Hill Climb.”




A&S for SSES

                                                                                                                                                                        Chris and Mark Ainscough with Chris’ BMW




Dear Michael and Bevan,


Firstly, I would like to thank you both for all the work and effort you and your team devote to creating the State Speed Event Series (SSES), here in Western Australia. It allows many motorsport enthusiasts like my Son and I the opportunity to safely compete within our own budget. I am very happy to assist with sponsorship of this series through Topsail Insurance, who knows we may even gain some travel insurance or boat insurance clients.


I am hoping that some of the content written here may be publishable and will reinforce to many other enthusiasts that this (SSES) entry level motorsport can be achieved at very low cost.


The SSES is a great entry level racing platform that allows you to take it as serious as you want. I personally have had many years of enjoyment from club level motorsport. This began for me with the MG Car Club at a motorkana on the Gin Gin Airstrip in 1971, when I was 15 years old and a big thanks to my father for getting me started!


The car, that Chris Ainscough (my Son) campaigns is a 1991 BMW E36 320i. We chose this model due to it having a great chassis and it being from an era where the mechanical side of things is still achievable with basic tools. These primary reasons, in my experience were key to our choice and are important to compete within ‘your’ own manageable budget, whatever that budget might be. The engine in Chris’ car is the original 1991cc 6cyl and has now done over 260,000km, as far as we can tell and according to the extensive service history the engine has never been opened up. Most of the suspension, brake, wheels and tyre upgrades have sourced from Gumtree or EBay. The safety equipment is mainly from Go Gear and the LSD Diff was built and prepared by Mike at Diff-Lab in QLD.


Conversion of this Mum’s TAXI began early in 2016 and was purchased from Gumtree for $1000. Chris now leads his class (5A under 2000cc Touring Sedan) in the SSES with a total cost so far of $6750. We are very grateful of the assistance our sponsors provide (TOPSAIL INSURANCE * MOTORPLAN * WESTERN AUSTRALIAN SECURITY PERSONNEL) this helps towards the fees, workshop facilities, 2nd hand semi slicks and towing the car to regional events.


I trust if you consider publishing this article, and we hope it helps to encourage many other enthusiasts with a limited budget, to come along and have a go.


Kind regards,

Mark Ainscough









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