Round 4 Report



Marcel Every ( Formula Toyota) backed up his win in the non SSES Busselton sprint the previous Saturday with a win in the SSES Round 4 hillclimb at Jack’s Hill.

Brent Matthews ( Westfield) was 2nd and Ray Ferrari (Westfield) 3rd. Ray also claimed 3rd in the Busselton sprint.

The weather was perfect although a little cool in the morning for tyres to be at working temperature with some saying how slippery the track was.

The Overall and Class Results can be found under results in the top menu. Extras ( trap speeds and sector times ) are on the MSTaLR website


The last time the series ran at Jack’s Hill I posted a photo of Eddie Melle running off at the finish and hitting the timing equipment so it is only fair that I post the video of my 1st run where I went off twice. 

( Select 720HD in Settings for a better view)


I did get it right eventually!


Petar Dragovich’s automatic Silvia

 Series Points

The points have been updated after Jack’s Hill. Corrections referred to previously have been applied.

2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Nice run 4 Bevan, Looks like there’s still a bit more in it too.
    Peter great skills going from fwd to a slippery rwd auto!

  2. Steve says:

    Nice run 4 Bevan, look like there’s a bit more in it too.
    Peter great skills going from fwd to slippery red auto!

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