Scrutineering and Registration Information




As of Wednesday 8 February the scrutineers listed in the event regulations will have the Scrutiny Record Books for registered competitors. They will be issued to you at your first inspection.

The scrutineers will have inspection forms for registered and non registered competitors. If you want to streamline the scrutiny process you can download the appropriate form here so your details can be filled in before attending. If you are registered download the Vehicle Inspection Form. If you are not registered download the Non Registered Form. The scrutineers will use a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Form they provide to check a non registered vehicle.

If you are new to the series the Vehicle Inspection Form will indicate what the scrutineers will check.

For the 1st round only all competitors will be able to have there cars scrutineered at Barbagallo before the event. This is optional but we would prefer you to be scrutineered during the week so that the scrutineers are not overwhelmed with cars at Barbagallo.



The latest list of registered competitors is on the Registered Competitors page. If you have registered and your name is not on the list or there is a mistake contact me mailto:


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