This is what happens when you demolish the timing gear at Jack’s Hill


Changes for the Xmas Super Sprint at Barbagallo Raceway

The Super Sprint will only be run on the long circuit and NOT the long and short. The WASCC timing crew have advised us that they can’t produce an aggregate time for both circuits so we have decided to only use the long circuit.

The short circuit will not be used in the future because the WASCC have to make changes to comply with FIA rules to have an international track licence to be able to host a V8 Supercar round and these changes will prevent use of the short circuit.

Trophies will be awarded to BOTH 1st and 2nd places for the Super Sprint.


Adrian Chambers Motorsports

Adrian Chambers, who used to write a weekly local motorsport column in The West Australian Newspaper, now has a website featuring local, interstate and international motorsport.

Access it at http://www.adrianchambersmotorsports.com.au


Thanks to Gordon McLaughlin for the photos.

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