Rounds 5 & 6 Regs and Other News


Supplementary Regulations for the Albany Long Weekend Hillclimb and Sprint are available under Event Regulations.

Shannons Busselton Sprint

A number of regular SES competitors entered this event.

Phil Morley had a very successful day with 1st place overall. Congratulations Phil.

Brent Matthews was 3rd overall , Iain Chambers 6th, Colin Youd 7th and Ray Ferrari 8th.

Non regular SES competitors Will White and Bill Stagol  were 2nd and 3rd

Results are here


Laurie Lapsley

Regular SES competitor Laurie Lapsley has a new car after damaging the car here has used previously in the series. Not sure how it was damaged but he mentions a wall in this email:

Dear Michael,

Long time, no see but I’m pleased to report that I’ll soon be back in the saddle. Bought myself a new toy (photos attached) and managed to get it out on to Barbagello on Tuesday morning for a club track day. Fun!! I’m heading off to Albany in June for my now habitual annual motor sport fix and I need to get some more time behind the wheel beforehand to make sure the beast doesn’t spit me off into a wall (again). Hence I’m thinking of doing the Hill Climb on 30 April.

His new Jaguar



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