Scutineering and Entries

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To clear up any confusion about the scrutineering process these are the rules for registered and non-registered competitors.

Registered Competitors

Every year your car needs to be scrutineered before your first event you enter. Once this has been done it is valid for six months as per the Standing Regulations for the series. After six months the car has to be checked again before it is eligible for competition. If your car suffers damage at an event, it has to be checked by one of the series’ scrutineers before it can be used again in competition.

At each event ten cars will be checked at random to confirm compliance with five random items that are required to be eligible to compete.

At  the moment the ability to check the scrutiny status of your car on the website is not available. The scrutineer will supply a sticker for the car with the date it was checked so you will know when it needs to be checked again.

Non-Registered Competitors

All non-registered competitors must have their cars scrutineered for each event before they are allowed to compete.


Event Entries

All entries must be sent to the club organising the event. The address (either snail mail or email) is on each entry form.

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