Roof Managament North Carolina

Let Us Manage Your Roof Repair In North Carolina

Roof Management with Charlotte NC Roofing company , we recognize that making decisions about your roof can be very complicated considering the rapid changes in current roofing technology, regulations, uncertainty over the condition of your roofs and the risks of roofing system failure.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed and refined our services to provide you with the right information to help you make the best choice for your roof.

At Roof Management and Inspection Services, we pride ourselves on being the professional, reliable, affordable choice for providing independent, objective expertise in relation to your roof and fall protection systems. At Roof Management and Inspection Services, we take pride in the ability to provide this expertise using over 125 years of combined staff experience in the areas of construction and project management.

Service Pledge For Charlotte NC Local Area

At roofing Charlotte, our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients based on trust and service excellence. Our success is linked to helping our customers be successful. If we are not supplying services that help contribute to your success, then we have failed. That is why we offer a service satisfaction guarantee.

Roof Management and Inspection Services Alpha Omega Charlotte NC have over 175 years of combined experience in the areas of construction and project management.

We have two offices in Charlotte

values qualified, experienced staff in order to deliver the highest quality end product, be it strategic roof management plans, fall protection design or hail/wind damage inspections. Alpha Omega is committed to encouraging and supporting the professional development of all our staff members.

RMIS has staff members with the following qualifications:

  • Registered Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute
  • Certified Registered Roof Observer (RRO) through Roof Consultants Institute
  • Certified Hail/Wind Damage Inspectors through Haag Engineering
  • Certified Fall Protection Design Professional (CSA)

Image result for roofing

Roof Management Alpha Omega is the only independent firm in Charlotte NC to have certified Hail/Wind Damage Inspectors and is the only professional design firm in Charlotte NC to hold CSA certification in fall protection design.

Leak Investigation

  • Management of leakage investigation and remediation process with Roofing Contractor including the development of specifications for repairs to address leakage aligned with state and condition of the roof.
  • Follow-up review of Leakage Repairs to verify work was completed in accordance with specifications.
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Slate Tiles
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Metal (standing seam and screw down)

Alpha Omega provides hail/wind damage inspections to corporations, associations as well as an independent agent to provide an objective third party report to verify:

  • Damage caused by the weather event
  • Roof condition prior to the weather event
  • Augmentation of existing corporate resources in the area of claim inspections

Annual Fall Arrest Anchor Inspection

This inspection service ensures that owners remain compliant with OH&S; regulations for Fall Protection devices and components

Annual Warranty Inspection

This inspection service ensures that owners remain compliant with all roof system warranty requirements

Quality Assurance Inspection

This inspection service ensures that all engineered specifications, application requirements and material requirements have been adhered to at the conclusion of a roof system project.

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What to Expect From a Funeral Service

A funeral service, burial or memorial service, is a service given to honor the life of someone who has passed on and the service that follows. There are two types of services that can be used for this type of service. The first is the formal service that is officiated by a priest, minister or other clergy member. The second is the informal service that is provided by family members or friends.

What happens at funerals?

Death comes in many different ways and no one is safe from it. Some people are at risk from the diseases that can be caused from an extended illness, while others are at risk of dying because of an accident, suicide or a sudden death. It is important to have a funeral service that is able to help those who have passed.

There are different ways that a person can get the service that they need, so if you are not sure what to do you can do a search on the Internet. It is a good idea to get an idea of what services you will want to get, as well as how many people you will be needing to fill out the service. You can even find out what services you can get in a local area and whether or not you will need to travel to get them.

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HVAC That Lasts & Is High Quality

Getting an advanced education in warming ventilation and cooling (HVAC) from My Air should be possible by joining up with a licensed school or school. Understudies can get the profession arrangement that they have to go into fruitful positions. Diverse instructive preparing programs permit them to get ready for the vocation they long for by discovering one that meets their individual needs. Understudies can contemplate an assortment of particular regions just as acquire various declarations and degrees. The most ideal route for them to start is to investigate accessible projects to locate the one that is directly for them.

The main thing understudies ought to do is settle on the specific territory of study they wish to go into. HVAC vocation and preparing conceivable outcomes exist in various territories to permit them to get the profession readiness that is required for them to succeed. Enlistment should be possible for higher instructive preparing in:

Warming and Refrigeration

Warming Ventilation and Air Conditioning

…what’s more, other related territories of the field. When the choice has been made for the zone of study, understudies should pick the degree of preparing they wish to get. Level of training will rely upon the school or school of enlistment.

Understudies can hope to have the alternatives of acquiring an assortment of testaments and degrees. Openings are accessible at the declaration level just as the partner and four year certification levels. Getting an advanced education in HVAC will necessitate that understudies invest a specific measure of energy in examines. Authentication projects can last from a while to one year. Acquiring an authorize partner degree will necessitate that understudies’ finished two years of preparing. Four year college education projects can take four years to finish and give the preparation expected to succeed. When the understudy has chosen the specific zone of study that they wish to seek after and the degree of preparing that is required, they can start the procedure by finishing all necessary coursework.

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HVAC For Students Get A Good Job

Understudies can hope to have the choices of acquiring an assortment of endorsements and degrees. Openings are accessible at the testament level just as the partner and four year certification levels. Getting an advanced education in HVAC will necessitate that understudies invest a specific measure of energy in examines. Declaration projects can last from a while to one year. Acquiring an authorize partner degree will necessitate that understudies’ finished two years of preparing. Four year college education projects can take four years to finish and give the preparation expected to succeed. When the understudy has settled on the specific zone of study that they wish to seek after and the degree of preparing that is required, they can start the procedure by finishing all necessary coursework.

Authorize schools and universities that offer HVAC profession preparing will offer coursework that may differ. The particular zones that understudies are required to study will rely upon the degree of declaration or degree just as the region and wanted vocation. A few examinations will permit understudies to prepare in CAD, structure hypothesis, outline perusing, gadgets, establishment, upkeep, warming plans, and substantially more. When an advanced education is acquired work can be looked for. Preparing right now take into consideration work in plumbing, warming, power, development, and numerous other related zones. With a certify training there will be various open doors for accomplishment in the workforce.

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HVAC & AC That Lasts

For Hospital HVAC Design and A/C Repair, Miami Hospitals Need to Choose an Expert

With regards to HVAC plan and A/C fix in your Miami medical clinic, several subtleties ring a bell. Medical clinic office supervisors must consider the bunch of one of a kind requests for every zone, for example,

• Accommodating the uncommon needs of labs and working rooms

• The plan connection between the different offices

• The connection between ER necessities versus in-quiet rooms

• Providing clinical evaluation HVAC administrations to managerial and nourishment arrangement territories

• Confronting atmosphere and stickiness factors which can impact quiet mind

Numerous organizations may state they perform clinical HVAC framework plan and fixes; anyway the Miami advertise has not many genuine specialists. Before employing an organization to make fixes or make another HVAC configuration, request a rundown of past clients in the South Florida emergency clinic industry.

Coordinating Hospital HVAC Design and AC Repair

Regardless of whether you will probably refresh your Miami medical clinic’s present HVAC framework or retrofit your present framework with a vitality effective structure, the experts at Hill York have long periods of experience and instruction about how to choose the best HVAC framework for your emergency clinic.

For each Miami emergency clinic work, Hill York mulls over a few factors so as to make a perfect framework structure or A/C fix:

• Cost adequacy and generally speaking effectiveness

• Accessibility regarding guaranteeing that all inside and outside plans follow Americans with Disability Act and Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

• Esthetics so as to guarantee a quiet, serene condition for staff and patients

• Security to shield the framework from harm or burglary

• Sustainability to decrease the medical clinic’s carbon impression and furnish you with a profoundly proficient framework

With regards to AC Repair, Miami Companies are Not All Alike

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Why Get A New Roof In Savannah?

Why Get A New Roof In Savannah?

It’s important to replace your roof at the right time. Waiting too long to replace your roof or installing a new roof before it’s necessary could end up costing you, call roofers for a free quote today. The need for new roofing is more obvious in some cases than others, but the decision is always important. Roof installation or replacement is a significant investment that has a big impact on the appearance, value, and function of your home. Unless there are obvious signs to replace your roof like water drip, shingles curled or damaged, exposed gutter system, sunlight peeking through the roof, minor repairments can be done. 

Here are some reasons that back the reason for installing a new roof 

Increasing your Property rate.
Even if your roof is perfectly alright, the asphalt shingles which are seemingly fine, yet one may consider changing those to metal alternatives, so as to increase the rate of the property. When combined with new exterior siding or an exterior paint job, new roofing can really make an older home look brand new. Apart from its aesthetic impact, a new roof offers a great deal of financial security to a prospective home buyer. 

Image result for roofing

Storm damage repairings.
Storms can damage your roof partially or wholly, and in several ways, you could never think of. High winds sometimes blow roof shingles off the roof, creating obvious empty areas that need to be re-roofed. Indirect damage is also common: Wind causes tree branches or entire trees to come down on the roof, often damaging the roof structure as well as roof shingles. Rather than make spot repairs following storm damage, it’s often smarter to replace the roof. Spot repairing can’t generally outlast another storm which may follow again.

Replacement of torn roof

Generally, asphalt roofs last for nearly 15 to 20 years. Yet, unfortunate events like storms, hurricanes, cyclones, and other major natural calamities can severely damage your roof, making it vulnerable. Unfortunately, factors such as storm damage, low slope, ice damming, and mould or moss growth can significantly shorten the life of any asphalt roof. If your roof has any of the characteristics described in the “signs of worn roofing” sidebar, it’s a good idea to replace the roof. Otherwise, you risk even more severe problems like rotted roof framing and leaks that can damage the house and its contents. 
Completing a major remodel.
Are you planning to build an addition? How about adding some dormers or skylights? These major remodelling projects involve changes to your roofline and the installation of new roofing. Rather than have an unattractive mix of new and old roofing, many homeowners elect to have a total re-roof done as part of the project.

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Flat Roofing Tips Froom Speede

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs have long been a cause of concern in the UK. As it is UV rays that damage most flat roofs (rain just shows the symptoms of the damage caused by the sun) one might wonder how, in hot countries, there are so many successful flat roofs. We believe the main reason for flat roof failure in the UK is the fact that we experience many more temperature changes.
Speede Have tried many different flat roofing solutions, some more successful than others. Built-up felt systems rely on the heat being applied to the roof either by using hot (melted) bitumen or torch-on felt, both of which can be very dangerous, and neither of which are UV resistant.

The Solutions

We use a single-ply roofing system which is safe to apply as the application of our single-ply roof systems requires no open flame, it´s very safe to use. It is mechanically fixed and overlaps are permanently sealed using our hot air torch, which is so safe to use. It can´t even set fire to a piece of dry paper!

Our single-ply roofing system has an expected lifetime of up to 30 years, yet remains easy to remove and recycle at the end of its useful life. In addition, the thin design results in the minimal use of raw materials in manufacture and energy for transportation. It is UV resistant, has an expected lifetime of 30 years and is guaranteed for 20 years, which is far in excess of most built-up and torch-on felts. Our roofers are also qualified to fit both single-ply and fiberglass roofs.

Fibreglass roofs can be ideal for awkward situations or where a walking surface is required.

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Reeroofing made easy and speede with speede


Men at work2 of our roofers at work in Harrow

Renewing the roofs on older properties have long been the main specialty of our roofing company. Visit our ‘Reroofing’ page for more information.

Repair & Maintenance

We offer a full range of repairs and maintenance services. When a fault is noticed, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible. Our expert roofers can carry out the repairs on your roof before the problem gets worse. Having your roof repaired early can stop further damage and postpone a full roof replacement.

Gutters and FasciasNew Gutters and Fascias

Fascia & Soffit Boards

Our quality UPVC replacement fascia and soffit boards are durable and will require minimal maintenance.


Having skylights fitted into the roofs of your building or home is an eco-friendly way to bring more light into a room. We ensure that all skylights are fitted to the highest standard.

Flat Roofs

We fit quality flat roofs for your home. All our roofs are highly durable and are fitted using either lead, fiberglass or a single-ply roofing system. We ensure that all our roofs are fitted to the highest standard by a fully qualified roofer.

Conservation SkylightsNew Conservation Skylights

Solar Power

Of the many styles of solar panel available, we recommend using a fully integrated PV solution where roof tiles are replaced with Photo Voltaic tiles which blend in with the roof tiling.

Why renew your roof?

Redland Cambrian SlatesRedland Cambrian Slates

If you roof is worn out, the rest of your home is at risk. Quite often slates can appear to be in good condition but the nails which secure them to the batten can suffer nail fatigue, this becomes evident when slates begin to slip and cause leaks. Tiles and slates that are worn out can delaminate and disintegrate. Metal flashings can split and wear. Roofs of a certain age will not have under-felt as a secondary line of defence. Ridge tiles can become loose. All or any of these factors can mean that a roof needs to be renewed.

Re-roofing – the best solution

If your roof is suffering from any of these problems, don’t worry! We’re just a phone call away. We are NFRC members who prove our standing as an accredited member of an organization dedicated to ensuring that it’s members can be set apart from those elements in the roofing industry which bring it into disrepute. Membership of the NFRC is seen to be an assurance of technical competence, reliability and fair dealing.

Metropolitan Chalet in Pinner
New roof on a Metropolitan Chalet
In Pinner

As members of the Competent Roofer scheme, we arrange the necessary Building Notice, which is requisite for all re-roofing projects, saving both time and money. For more details, visit the website.

To view, a gallery of a reroofing project click here and click on the images to view in more detail.

Call us for a free written quotation.

We will arrange a visit, measure and inspect the roof and calculate our best quotation, which we do use our CAD

Cad DrawingCAD drawings help us quote accurately

(computer aided design) package. If the price and terms are agreed, we’ll arrange a mutually agreeable start date and organize everything from the Local Authority compliance, scaffold and rubbish removal to the Government recommended Trustmark insurance backed guarantee.

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Speede Roof Recommendations South Carolina

Speede Roof Recommendations

With over 30 years of providing high-quality roofing for a whole range of customers, we know what lies at the heart of what you, our customer needs – ensuring our recommendations in South Carolina are the best choice you can possibly make…


What we offer you and your business:

  • Commitment & Consideration – we treat you as our only customer, so you get the full attention you deserve
  • History & Honesty – since being established in 1961, we have served many customers with our fixed quote policy, which means you’re completely covered by what has been agreed, in writing, upfront
  • Reputable & Risk-free – with such a strong history of customers’ recommendations, you know you’re in safe hands, so you can rest assured that the work we carry out on your roof is risk-free
  • Safety & Security – we are fully insured for all work on your roof – no matter how large or small. With every job, you receive a full guarantee from the independent Government Trustmark Sceme
  • Quality & Qualifications – our entire roofing team is fully qualified, so you know that not only will you get a good job, but you’ll get the very best, as the team operates to the highest standards.

A speede experience – one size doesn’t fit all, nor does one roof!

Just as no two roofs are the same, we know that all customers are different, so we do our utmost to accommodate all your needs – setting us apart from the rest.49s

With the Speede Roofing Team recommendations, you know that you’ll be looked after by the most capable of roofing hands. The team are fully employed by our company, so you know there’s no rush to the finish line for them to get paid and move on to another venture. Our work is only complete when you are fully satisfied with the work we’ve carried out. Raise your roofing standards and contact West London’s finest today and see what we can offer you.

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Round 7 Round Up

It was a cold but sunny start for the first time the SSES has used the track at the RAC DTEC .

As expected there were a few teething problems but after a bit of confusion with the running order things ran smoothly.

Once again Graham Renn was the overall winner in his self built Pashley Marengo.  Marcel Every was 2nd in his Toyota TRD Formula with Brent Matthews in his Westfield a very close 3rd.

To reduce the waiting times betweens runs next time this venue is used the warm up and cool down distance will be shorter as outlined in the track layout below:

The results for this round can be found here
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